Mark III A

Our largest, most powerful boom system for heavier seas and harbors where the weather is very uncertain. It has a higher freeboard and deeper draft to contain the spill in very rough seas. Three (3) standard sizes are available or we will custom make a boom to your specifications.
SPECIAL NOTE: We have designed a special tide riser system that connects to this system and allows the boom to rise and fall with the tide.


Specifications  Freeboard   Draft Overall  Weight/Ft   Standard Length Ballast Tensile Total Tensile Strength
Imperial 12 inches 36 inches 48 inches 3.1 lb 50 feet 3/8″ Chain 31000 lbs
Metric 30.5 cm 91.4 cm 122 cm 1.4 kg 15 m 9.5 mm 14074 kgs