Mark II-A Wetlands Boom

The Mark II-A Boom System is ideal for shallow water applications such as swamps, beaches, or wetlands. With its high tensile strength and shorter draft, this boom can be towed with a jon-boat in shallow waters. The heavier ballast allows the skirt area to hug the contour of the bottom and give you maximum containment of the spilled product or debris. Ideal for locations with slight to moderate chop on the water, this boom will provide a high degree of stability.


Specifications  Freeboard   Draft Overall  Weight/Ft   Standard Length Ballast Tensile Total Tensile Strength
Imperial 6 inches 6 inches 12 inches 2.3 lb 100 feet 3/8″ Chain 22500 lbs
Metric 17.8 cm 15.2 cm 33 cm 1.04 kg 31 m 9.5 mm 10250 kgs