Mark II-B Contractors Boom

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Mark II-B, or Contractors Boom, is a boom system with a slightly higher freeboard, deeper draft and greater overall tensile strength. Towing capabilities can range up to 1,000 feet depending on severity of conditions. Excellent properties for using as a diversionary boom, yet still light enough for deployment by as few as (2) people. Containment capabilities of product and debris are outstanding in moderately choppy conditions.


Specifications  Freeboard   Draft Overall  Weight/Ft   Standard Length Ballast Tensile Total Tensile Strength
Imperial 8 inches 16 inches 24 inches 2.9 lb 100 feet 3/8″ Chain 22500 lbs
Metric 22.9 cm 45.7 cm 68.6 cm 1.32 kg 31 m 9.5 mm 10250 kgs