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Inflatable Booms


  • Repair Kits 
  • Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs 
  • Heavy Duty Tow Bridles 
  • Storage/Deployment Reels 
  • Inflation Blowers



  • Freeboard: 18″ (46 cm) 
  • Draft: 24″ (61 cm) 
  • Height: 42″ (107 cm) 
  • Fabric: 28oz. Urethane; 22oz. PVC 
  • Tow Speed 20 knots


30” x 30”/ 1-foot foam side wall

Capacity: 42 Gallons

22 oz. fabric, closed cell foam walls

Stainless steel toggle pins through gromit


This foldable containment berm is designed for portable secondary containment. Its small size and ease of deployment make it a perfect solution for oil drums, portable pumps and generators, and other items. We offer these in our 22oz, 28oz, and 30oz Jaton fabric and Jaton plus fabric along with a 28oz black urethane with rubber alloy (Hypalon substitute).


  • Deployed size: 32”x32”x4”
  • Folded size: 7”x6”x33”
  • Capacity: Approx. 25 gallons
  • Features corrosion resistant metal grommets in each corner
  • Aluminum wall stiffeners embedded in inner wall foam


These specifications are the base level sizes, however all of our secondary containment berms can be customized to any size for your needs.


Rises and falls on any 4_ or 6_ I-Beam with the Tide
Designed for permanent installations

Rises and falls on any 4_ I-Beam with the Tide
Designed for permanent installations
Will not work with 6_ I-Beam


  • heavy duty fluked anchors
  • 22 to 200 lbs.
  • 5/16 chain
  • buoy
  • 3/8 / 3/4 nylon rope (thimbled)

Rises and falls on any 4_ or 6_ I-Beam with the Tide
Design for permanent installations

Restricted Area
Information Symbols
Controlled Area
Hazard Warning

Wording Available

  • Oil Spill
  • Keep out
  • Closed Area
  • Marina
  • State Park
  • Company Name
  • Slow 5 MPH
  • Slow
  • No Wake
  • Manatee Area
  • Damage
  • Rapids
  • Shoal
  • Hazard Area

The NL-3 AUTOMATIC NAVIGATION WARNING LIGHT is truly the UNSINKABLE WARNING LIGHT. The NL-3 is tall, highly visible, non-sinking and exceptionally hard to vandalize. 


  • 6 volt battery
  • self-righting
  • ABS body
  • 60 fpm
  • net weight 55 lbs.
  • anti-vandal design
  • solid-state electronic circuitry turns light on at dusk
  • white with three inch reflective bands.
  • 100 nights (approx.) battery life.
  • buoy without light also available (model NL-1).
  • 9 inch diameter.
  • Polyurethane foam filled.
  • 61 inch overall height.
  • HGD metal hardware.
  • 360 visibility.
  • optional symbols.