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Ex-situ Chemical Oxidation

Ex-situ Chemical Oxidation with Mobile Remediation Unit

ACME utilizes a mobile remediation unit to treat contaminated soil onsite by chemically oxidizing petroleum hydrocarbons utilizing a liquid amendment delivered by a dual spray system. Depending on soil conditions, the unit can process 60-100 cubic yards of material per hour. In the event material segregation or additional aeration of the material is required, the unit is equipped with a 6′ diameter by 21′ long trommel.

ACME has sucessfully remediated soil types affected with a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons including gasoline, diesel, condensate and lube oil.

ACME has taken the additional step in offering a more aggressive remedial unit equipped with an internal spray system capable of delivering various remedial additives/chemicals to assist with the remediation process. ACME utilizes a proprietary solution to assist with impacted soils. The proprietary solution is sprayed onto the treated soil, which is subsequently stockpiled pending laboratory analysis. ACME’s chemical oxidation method is recognized by the multiple regulatory agencies including by not limited to EPA, WDEQ, WOGCC, CDPHE, KDGE, ODEQ, OCC, TCEQ, and TRRC.