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Boom Reels & Power Packs

BR-5.5-8 Manual Boom Reel

BR-5.5-8 Manual Boom Reel




Lifting Eyes
Spreader Bar & Tackle
Fabric Cover
Retractable Caster Wheels
Forklift pockets

  • 5-1/2′ diameter x 8′ long spool (storable space)
  • 5′-1/2” wide x 9′ long x 7′ -1/2″ high (spool and base)
  • Durable Design
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Construction

*Safe operation of the manual boom reel can only be achieved with specific sizes and lengths of boom. See operations manual for additional safety instructions.

*Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Boom reel should be placed on a stable surface and secured down.
  • The boom reel should be positioned so that the oil containment boom is deployed and retrieved off of the top of the reel core.
  • Unhook locking chain from side plate of reel to allow free turning of the spool.
  • Wrap leading edge of boom tow rope around core of reel several times in order to pull the boom onto the reel.
  • Position two (2) operators on either side of the reel in order to use grab handles around perimeter of reel side plates for turning the spool slowly utilizing a hand-over-hand progression.
  • CAUTION:¬†When deploying boom from the reel, please pull the boom slowly from the reel (either by hand or with a small boat) so that the reel will not spin too quickly as this may cause injury to personnel. Do not try to grab the handles or any part of the reel if it is spinning quickly.