ACME Perma-Boom is a specially designed permanent floating barrier for long-term service. Its extremely rugged construction and excellent resistance to weathering provide years of reliable, low-cost performance. ACME Perma-Boom is perfect for oil debris containment and for exclusion of floating pollutants from sensitive facilities or areas.

Perma-Boom Features:

  • Heavy duty, high strength, PVC-coated polyester conveyor-belting membrane
  • Marine growth and UV inhibitors for years of low maintenance
  • High visibility, unsinkable rotary molded polyethylene floats filled with closed cell urethane foam
  • ASTM or Universal-style marine-grade aluminum boom connectors to mate with existing inventories
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware

Perma-Boom Specifications

Perma-Boom Heavy Duty Pvc & 
Urethane Barriers Specifications


Flotation units are tough polyethylene shells that are impregnated with UVEXTM, an antioxidant and ultraviolet protection package which makes them exceptionally color stable and highly resistant to UV degradation. The shell is filled with oil-impervious closed-cell foam. The standard color is International orange, however, yellow and black are also available.

End Connectors

Connectors can be supplied in various configurations:

  • Heavy duty PVC in a modified universal slide design with TruGripTM flanges
  • Aluminum ASTM F962-04 Quick-Latch or Z connectors
  • Aluminum ASTM F2438-04 slide connectors
  • US Navy male/female connectors available on request


Ballast is accomplished by molded lead weights affixed to the skirt bottom.


Standard attachment hardware for floats, ballast and end-connectors are stainless steel.

Standard Sizes

18″ width by 100’ length (Freeboard 11′ x skirt 7″) 
24″ width by 100’ length (Freeboard 11′ x skirt 13″) 
36″ width by 100’ length (Freeboard 12′ x skirt 24″) 
Other lengths available by request.

Other ACME Perma-Boom Services Available

Complete Floating Barrier Service

Design, Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Design, sell, install and maintain floating barrier

Consultations and product sales regarding the type, amount and use of your ACME Perma-Boom considering the following special needs:

  • Surrounding conditions
  • Surrounding structures
  • Debris barrier vs. containment
  • Maintenance schedule

Installation of your permanent boom designed with suggested use and structural considerations in mind:

  • Wire/weight slider system
  • Float and tether system
  • Bulkhead connections
  • Site-specific systems and special needs

Operational support accessories for ease of deployment and permanent moorage of boom including:

  • Boom deployment boxes
  • Tow plates
  • Tow bridles
  • Anchor systems
  • T-Connectors
  • Other ancillary gear

Operational maintenance for continued use of ACME Perma-Boom, including:

  • Marine growth removal
  • Repairs of tears in barrier
  • Float replacement

Replacement and repair materials needed for general maintenance of permanent boom and installations such as:

  • Floats
  • Boom material
  • End plate
  • Stainless steel/nylon nuts and bolts
  • Anchor points
  • Toggle pins

Containment Uses:

  • Fuel docks
  • Offshore platforms
  • Shipyards
  • Refinery terminals
  • Cargo terminals
  • Dry docks
  • Ferry terminals
  • Marinas

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