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8″ x 12″ Oil Spill Containment Boom

8″ x 12″ Oil Spill Containment Boom



  • 8″ Diameter Flotation
  • 12″ Skirt Depth
  • 1/4″ / 5/16″ / 3/8″ Galvanized Chain Ballast
  • 22 oz. / sq. yd. Jaton or 24 oz. / sq. yd Jaton Plus fabric: orange or yellow
  • ASTM aluminum quick latch (Z) or slide couplers are recommended
  • Top tension cable available on request

Boom Fabric Information and Choices

Recommended Section Lengths: 50′ and 100′

Recommended Use:┬áThese boom are recommended for large lakes, bays or harbors. Top cable is recommended when several hundred feet are deployed. 3/8″ chain ballast is recommended when tidal flows or currents exist.