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ACME Environmental Total Response Time

Per the USCG Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) program, response times are computed by combining the notification, mobilization and travel times.

Mobilization is the time it takes to get resources assembled and prepared at the staging site. Mobilization begins once notifications are complete and ends when the resources are ready to move off-site. ACME’s notification/mobilization time is 1 hour since all of our resources are dedicated and on site.

Travel times are computed using standard speeds and the highway or water distance between an OSRO site and specified geographic locations. Travel speeds of 35 miles per hour (mph) for land are used for OSRO classification calculations.

All rings represent a 1 hour travel time not including the notification or mobilization time.


Total Response Time

Notification Time + Mobilization Time + Travel Time

Resource Status

Response Personnel availability


Owned/Dedicated (O/D)
Contract or Dedicated (C/D)
Owner/Non-Dedicated (O/ND)
Contract/Non-Dedicated (C/ND)

On-Site (OS)


Recall (R)