Floating Baffles, Turbidity Curtains & Sediment Barriers

Not Sure What Type You Need? We Can Help! ACME Environmental has over 55 years of experience in manufacturing oil spill containment boom and all of our team members would be happy to answer your questions. Let us help you find the perfect size and length of containment boom to fit your needs.

ACME custom-manufactured floating baffles offer an easy, flexible, economical way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of lagoons.
Floating baffles help facilitate surface control of floating materials in cooling ponds, settling basins or oxidation ponds.

ACME’s Turbidity Curtains & Sediment Barriers offer the environmental protection you need for any maritime project! We offer and custom manufacture Department of Transportation’s Type I, Type II, and Type III silt and sediment barriers.

Check out all of our Floating Baffles and Turbidity Curtains as well as our installation and management services at the links above!