• Insights

  • Inflatable Containment boom brochure and specs

    42″ Inflatable Boom Brochure

    ACME Inflatable Containment Boom is manufactured from a variety of extremely durable, flexible, thermoplastic fabrics. 

  • Oil spill containment boom accessories anchors rope anchor systems hose float tide riser buoy couplers

    Accessories Brochure

    ACME Environmental supplies a wide range of accessories for oil spill cleanup and containment; we make our boom and floating baffles and barriers easier to use and store.

  • Collapsing collapsible containment berm secondary containment berm

    Collapsible Druminator Brochure

    Because if its compact size and durability, this containment berm is perfect for vehicles, response trailers, and storage facilities. Its nickname, "The Druminator," comes from its unique ability to allow the user to flip its walls down, roll leaking drums into the center, and reseal the sides without any heavy lifting.

  • Oil spill containment boom brochure and specs

    Containment Boom Brochure

    ACME Floating Containment Boom is manufactured from a variety of extremely durable, flexible, thermoplastic fabrics. 

  • DOT Type turbidity curtains brochure and specs

    DOT Turbidity Curtain Types

    ACME Environmental Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtains

  • Floating baffles brochure and specs

    Floating Baffles Brochure

    ACME Environmental Baffles create side-to-side or flow patterns that increase retention time and eliminate short circuiting or channeling. Top-to-bottom flow patterns can also be created for a turnover effect.

  • Folding Secondary Containment Berm brochure and specs

    Folding Berm Brochure

    This foldable containment berm is designed for portable secondary containment. Its small size and ease of deployment make it a perfect solution for oil drums, portable pumps and generators, and other items.

  • perma boom permanent containment boom brochure and specs

    Perma Boom Brochure

    ACME Perma-Boom is a specially designed permanent floating barrier for long-term service.

  • Seaweed boom seaweed stopper containment boom brochure and specs

    Seaweed Boom

    Our seaweed containment boom creates a barrier with a permeable skirt to allow for water to come through but stops the seaweed and sargassum upon contact. It’s also made from our 22oz blue PVC coated fabric to blend in with the waterline for low visibility from beach goers! ACME Environmental is ready to help you keep your beaches clean and beautiful, and protect the wildlife that lives in these floating sargassum habitats.

  • spill kits and sorbents brochure and specs

    Spill Kits Brochure

    Whether your spill is large or small, ACME sorbents and spill kits do the job right, the first time. ACME sorbents are produced in different sizes, thicknesses, and composition.