Collapsible Druminator Brochure


Because if its compact size and durability, this containment berm is perfect for vehicles, response trailers, and storage facilities. Its nickname, “The Druminator,” comes from its unique ability to allow the user to flip its walls down, roll leaking drums into the center, and reseal the sides without any heavy lifting. We offer these in our 22oz, 24oz, and 30oz Jaton fabric and Jaton plus fabric along with a 28oz black urethane with rubber alloy (Hypalon substitute).


          30” x 30”/ 1-foot foam side wall

          Capacity: 42 Gallons

          Closed cell foam walls

          Stainless steel toggle pins with grommeted corners

*These specifications are the base level sizes, however all of our secondary containment

berms can be customized to any size for your needs. *