Swift Water Deployment Training with ACME | Winter 2020

On November 30 and December 1, 2020, ACME Environmental’s Emergency Response team took part in a two-day swift water containment boom deployment training on the Arkansas River in Oklahoma. This expert level, hands-on training was led by John Bradley and Dale Stanford from Rapid Response Systems in Scottsdale, AZ. This course taught our team improved ways to perform boom deployment in rapid water scenarios for future spill response situations.

This hybrid course consisted of an indoor classroom educational section along with hands-on deployment drills on the Arkansas River. ACME Environmental believes that being thorough is the best practice when it comes to safety of not only our employees, but also that of our partners and the environment. Because of this, the attendees of this course included our President, Operations Manager, Director of Safety and Rescue, several other management leaders, and our emergency spill response professionals. We believe that the more people trained in the best industry practices, the better.

The classroom section dealt with safety regulations, specialized equipment types and usage, and several other key ideas and practices to ensure safety and better understanding during the actual deployment drills. When on the river, our team was taught how to skillfully create anchor points when there aren’t any existing ones in the vicinity, how to tie the most practical and sturdy knots for any situation, deploy our boom quickly and safely in a cascading manner when the current is at a swift pace, and much more.

This training was prudent to expand the knowledge of our already skilled response specialists and will be helpful any and all of ACME Environmental’s response efforts. Now that we have received and mastered this valuable knowledge, ACME plans to make a habit of practicing these new techniques routinely from here on out on a quarterly basis to support our customers and ensure compliance to their FRP’s and VRP’s.

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