Kenedy, Texas Remediation Response – August 2019

In August of 2019, ACME Environmental’s remediation team responded to an oil spill in Kenedy, Texas. ACME remediated and treated over 20,000 yards of contaminated soil. This treatment was performed using our Ex-Situ Chemical Oxidation process in which we utilized our Terra Xtreme 3200 mobile unit. Because our unit is capable of processing 60-100 cubic yards of material per hour, we were able to successfully treat over 1,000 yards per day during the course of the 21-day project.

Our Ex-Situ process is a way to treat contaminated soil onsite by chemically oxidizing petroleum hydrocarbons. We are able to accomplish this process by implementing a dual spray system amendment on our mobile unit which treats the soil as it is shredded and dispensed into large piles. Once this soil has successfully completed this process, it is then redistributed into the area from which it came. ACME has successfully remediated soil types affected with a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons including gasoline, diesel, condensate, and lube oil.

ACME’s chemical oxidation method is approved by multiple regulatory agencies including, but not limited to, the EPA, WDEQ, WOGCC, CDPHE, KDGE, ODEQ, OCC, TCEQ, and TRRC.

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