Grand Lake Bridge Replacement

In October of 2019, ACME Environmental installed 1300 ft of turbidity/silt curtain for a customer who is replacing a bridge over Grand Lake in northeastern Oklahoma. Due to different areas of the lake having different depths, installation required manufacturing of the turbidity/silt curtain with ranging skirt depths. The turbidity/silt curtain range from 3ft-16ft in depth. ACME continues to maintain the turbidity/silt curtain, as this project is still ongoing, by running routine maintenance to ensure the curtain is still properly functioning in all areas.

When on-water construction projects, such as bridge construction, occur the sediment is kicked up and creates turbidity and silt issues in the surrounding water. By deploying a turbidity curtain before beginning these projects, the environmental impact on fish and other aquatic life is greatly decreased and the increased siltation is contained. By protecting the aquatic life downstream, these projects can have a smaller economic footprint and ACME is there to help assist with any of your marine construction projects.

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