Accessories Brochure


ACME Environmental supplies a wide range of accessories for oil spill cleanup and containment; we make our boom and floating baffles and barriers easier to use and store. Ready-to-use or custom-designed, ACME stands ready to help you save time, money, and environmental impact We offer many products in stock at competitive prices.

ANCHOR SYSTEMS offer the  best way to secure boom and baffles deployed in water. Standard systems include anchors, chain, shackles, buoys, and rope. Individual components such as tow/tie off bridles and other anchoring accessories can be added to create a custom system.

BOOM & BAFFLE FABRIC REPAIR KITS include fabric, liquid adhesive, roller, brush (standard) and hot air gun (optional).

BOOM REELS are designed for rapid deployment and retrieval, and are the most efficient way to store boom. Available in manual and hydraulic-driven models, ACME boom reels can also be trailer-mounted and custom designed.

BOOM STORAGE BOX holds 500 feet of 6″x12″ containment boom. Each box weighs 1,000 lbs., measures 6 square feet, and is made of aluminum.

BULKHEAD RISERS allow containment boom to ride varying water levels, rising and lowering along the length of a vertical, 4″x4″ flange-beam.

RISERS are shipped from the plant assembled, ready to connect to any size boom and can be equipped with an ASTM Quick Latch/Slide Coupler.

BUOYS are placed between the anchor line and the boom to help the boom maintain its correct position in the water. ACME can supply you with virtually any kind of buoy you need.

HEAVY DUTY TOW/TIE-OFF BRIDLES are manufactured at full height to match the containment boom coupler, and feature double pull points, a 5/16″ cable or weatherline, and are available in Universal Slide or Quick latch configuration.

STANDARD TOW/TIE-OFF BRIDLES are manufactured with a single pull ad are available in Universal or Quick Latch configurations.

ALUMINUM 6061T COUPLERS are available in ASTM/Universal Slide or Quick Latch/Z configuration and can be created in custom lengths and pin-hole or bolt-hole configurations.

DECON POOLS and secondary containment pools offer a quick, portable, effective way to temporarily contain saturated sorbent materials, personnel decontamination wash or leaking fuel tankers. They are available in a variety of sizes with PVC or aluminum frames.

HOSE FLOATS are produced by a urethane process that creates a high-flotation, closed-cell foam float. Unlike hollow, plastic-type floats, ACME hose floats will maintain vertically full flotation capacity even if damaged. Floats are manufactured for hose sizes 1.5″ to 6″ (heavy-duty and standard configurations). Cable floats are also available.

LEG SOCK/VAPOR SOCKS are manufactured of urethane-coated fabric in various lengths and widths and is used to cover vent tubes on petroleum storage tanks on a permanent or temporary basis, and to control release of contaminants into the atmosphere.

ROPE can be provided to your strength and length needs, in a

 variety of colors.

T-CONNECTORS are used to connect three separate boom sections for ACME containment boom or ACME Perma-Boom and are available in ASTM Universal Slide or Quick Latch/Z configuration.

TOGGLE PINS are used for connecting various containment boom couplers, and manufactured using 304 stainless steel, with a light/heavy-duty spring, lanyard, and split ring, in standard (2″, 2 3/8″, and 2 7/8″) and custom sizes.

TRAILER PACKAGES include everything you need to be ready, around the clock, to respond to an emergency. Contact us directly to discuss whether a standard size and configuration will work for you, or if you need a custom-designed trailer. Custom Products,

Customer Satisfaction Visit our website products section at for detailed information on sizes, shapes, and composition.

We offer competitive pricing, and with many products in-stock and ready-to-ship, we offer same-day/next-day delivery within 50 miles of our corporate headquarters in Tulsa. This saves our customers time, money, and lost productivity. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us. Chances are, we can get you what you need, and quickly.