Employee Spotlight: Manny Hernandez Assists in Putting Out Truck Fire

Employee Spotlight: Manny Hernandez Assists in Putting Out Truck Fire in Tulsa, OK

ACME Environmental Spill Technician Manny Hernandez who attempted to extinguish a truck fire

Manny Hernandez in front of ACME Environmental’s lobby sign.

April 7th, 2023

On April 7th, 2023, one of ACME Environmental’s Spill Technicians, Manny Hernandez, assisted in trying to extinguish a truck fire that he saw on his way home from work. ACME was notified of Manny’s attempts by an anonymous witness that saw the event occur on her way home.

What Happened?

At the Memorial Exit from HWY 169 near 91st Street, a small truck had caught fire while heading West on the exit ramp. The truck had pulled off the highway and was beginning to emit a large, black cloud of smoke. Manny was about fifteen vehicles ahead of the incident when he saw the smoke plume in his rearview mirror. This was when he decided to utilize the fire extinguisher included in the truck bed of ACME’s F-250 truck. He pulled out of traffic, turned the truck backward toward the fire and tried to put out the erupting flames. Unfortunately, the fire had grown to an unmanageable size at this point, but it gave first responders more time and opportunity to get to the scene. Nobody was injured in this event.

Truck on fire at HWY 169 and Memorial Exit ramp that Manny Hernandez assisted in putting out

Photo taken on the scene after first responders arrived.

Shortly after Manny went out of his way to help the woman driving the truck, ACME received a phone call. It was from a woman who had witnessed the event from several cars back. She spoke with Cyndi Woodward, our Office Manager, who immediately knew it was Manny that had acted so quickly. The woman followed up this phone call with an email to our President, Andrew Altendorf, to let him know what she had seen. The witness described this event as, “really something to see,” and that for her, the moral of the story was that “there are still good people in the world, [and] Manny is obviously one of them.”

ACME Environmental is proud of all of our employees that go out of their way every day to help keep our environment and communities safe through the work they do. We want to recognize not only those who do this for their job, but the ones that go above and beyond to do so in their personal lives, as well. Thank you, Manny Hernandez, for representing the values of ACME Environmental and for springing into action to help someone in need! You can learn more about ACME Environmental and our team at the links following the form below.

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