Oil Spill Containment Boom

ACME Environmental custom manufactures Oil Spill Containment Boom in any length or size using a variety of extremely durable and
flexible thermoplastic fabrics. Our containment boom types can be made to match any water conditions you may face. Whether you have to be prepared for an oil spill or need a permanent barrier, we can provide you with the right equipment you need. 

All of the seams on our containment boom are Radio Frequency (RF) welded to form the most secure seals possible. This process is used on the enclosures for flotation logs, the chain ballast tension
member, and top cable ballast if included. A skirt extending below the surface of the water serves as a flexible floating barrier and can be customized to fit any depth required.

Not Sure What Type You Need? We Can Help!

ACME Environmental has over 55 years of experience in manufacturing oil spill containment boom and all of our team members would be happy to answer your questions. Let us help you find the perfect size and length of containment boom to fit your needs.

Complete customization is offered on every type, you can select:
Flotation diameters
Skirt lengths
Chain ballast sizes
Fabric type
ASTM aluminum couplers (Slide or Quick latch “Z”)
Top cable is optional and different sizes are available