Oil Booms

Oil booms play an important part in most oil spill responses and are typically the first mechanical response equipment deployed during a spill. Oil booms are made up a floatation device, a skirt and a ballast member, typically chain. A tension member is often times added to an oil boom to increase the tension strength of the oil boom. Long, cylindrical polyethylene closed cell foam floats are sealed into a coated PVC fabric. The skirt, also known as the draft, extends below the water surface creating a floating barrier. Once an oil slick has been contained, removal operations begin. 0Oil booms can also be used to protect shorelines, property, and sensitive environments.

In addition to oil booms, ACME also carries a wide range of oil boom accessories. ACME’s tow bridles, bulkhead connectors, anchor systems and fabric repair kits aid in proper boom deployment, maintenance and repair. ACME’s oil boom storage options include reels, storage boxes, and customizable trailer packages. No matter what your oil boom needs are, ACME has you covered.