Containment Boom Users Guide

Containment Boom Specifications

  • 6″ Freeboard
  • 6″ Skirt Depth
  • 3/8″ Galvanized Chain Ballast
  • 22 oz PVC Fabrick — Orange or Yellow
  • ASTM – Universal slide couplers with floats and SS
  • pins installed
  • 50 foot Section lengths
  • Weight: 2.55 lbs/ft
  • Reserve Buoyancy: 10.4 lb/ft
  • Storage Volume: 0.3 ft3/ft

Containment Boom Handling

Packaging and wrapping should be removed from new boom with care so fabric will not be cut or damaged. Handloops are an available option for crosseal points to facilitate handling during deployment.

Containment Boom Storage

Boom should be clean and free of contaminants when stored. Boom should always be stored out of direct sunlight as U-V radiation shortens fabric life. When possible, boom should not be stored directly on ground to prevent mildew and rodent infestation. When storing boom for long periods, rat poison should be placed with the boom. When boom sections are continuously connected ened-to-end, it is critical to prevent twisitng or knotted overlapping if boom is to be rapidly deployed again in the future.

Containment Boom Deployment

Care should be taken when deploying booms for both the safety of personnel and to prevent unnececssary damage to the boom itself. Boom should not be anchored or towed by its tension members. Tow bridles made from extrusion matching the boom coupler type should be used to evenly distribute loads to the boom during deployment and use.

Containment Boom Maintenance

Harsh chemicals and fuels should not be used to clean booms. An oil “stain” is far less harmful to the boom fabric than the damage diesel does when scrubbing the boom down. A mild detergent and medium bristled brush are ideal. Power steam cleaning should be done with caution as weakened seams and welds may separate from heat and pressure. Rinse boom thoroughly, allow to dry and inspect for damage prior to storage. Adhesive and hot air fabric repair kits as well as hardware and fittings are available or ACME can perform repairs at our manufacturing plant.

Get the most out of your containment boom.

Your containment boom is a rugged and durable product that, when properly handled and maintained, should provide years of service. ACME personnel are always ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.