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Oil Spill Facts

Oil Spill Facts

Fact #1: An oil spill is an unintentional release of crude oil or refined oil products into the environment

Fact #2: An oil spill can cause air, water and soil contamination that requires extensive cleanup and remediation.

Fact #3: Oil spills can be controlled by chemical dispersion, combustion, containment and/or absorptions.

Fact #4: In-situ burning has been used during oil spill cleanup since the late 1960s.

Fact #5: In-situ burning can have removal rates of up to 13,000 barrels per hour with a fire diameter of 33 feet.

Fact #6: Between 1970 and 2014, 50% of large tanker oil spills occurred while vessels were operating in open water.

Fact #7: More than 200 million gallons of crude oil was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Fact #8: During the Exxon Valdez, over 50% of oil spill containment was damaged during retrieval during oil spill containment operations.

Fact #9: Over 11 million gallons of crude oil was spilled during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.

Fact #10: Iraqi forces during the Gulf War intentionally released over 250 million gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf.