Oil Containment Boom

Oil containment booms are important tools in oil spill response. The float is made of highly buoyant material which will not take on water. Most often, oil containment boom floats are made of closed cell, polyethylene foam shaped into circular sections. Below the float is the skirt, a heavy duty fabric of varying lengths use to contain spilled oil. The ballast is a weight at the bottom of the skirt which keeps the boom vertical. Using a variety of couplers, several sections of oil containment boom can be linked to create a barrier of any length to suit the needs of the cleanup.

Oil containment boom is designed to meet different operating environments. Super mini oil booms are typically sufficient for stagnant or low current environments. Super mini oil containment booms have floats around 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Inland and near-shore oil containment booms have floats which can range from 4 to 8 inches and are used where moderate wind or waves are present, commonly in lakes, ponds, and protected harbors. For offshore open water containment boom, floats with 10 to 12 inches in diameter are used. Our standard Jaton Coated fabric works well for stagnant, low current, inland and near-shore boom. For superior UV and hydrocarbon protection, ACME also offers Jaton Plus coated fabric.

Having the accompanying oil containment boom accessories is just as important as having the correct oil containment boom. ACME carries a wide variety of oil containment boom storage options, including reels, storage boxes, and trailers. ACME carries several buoys which act as markers as well as mooring buoys for anchoring systems. ACME has what you need to cover all of your oil containment boom needs.