Disinfection vs. Decontamination: What’s The Difference?

What is the Difference: Disinfection vs. Decontamination

  • Should be used for preventative measures rather than response
  • Can be performed when there is no already known existence of the virus
  • Disinfection only reduces contamination from the virus, it does not remove it
  • Has no known positive result in reducing the cause of COVID-19
  • Not recommended to be used as a measure to fight against the COVID-19 virus
  • Should be performed when there is a known or suspected case of COVID-19
  • Is performed by Hazwoper-trained employees using OSHA guidelines and EPA-Approved COVID-19 removal solutions
  • Implements the latest in fogging and misting technology, while wearing Level C PPE, full-face respirators, and total body protection
  • ACME practices complete removal of contamination; all remaining waste is transported and disposed of properly