Vapor Sock

As a popular choice for fuel, petroleum is found in tanks around the world. Unfortunately, due to its highly volatile nature, it is also a danger for environmental contamination via the ventilation tubes. In order to reduce or eliminate the release of petroleum vapor into the atmosphere, urethane coated fabric tubes called vapor socks are placed over the opening of the vent tubes. Vapor socks are essentially fabric filters, which help trap the petroleum vapor inside the tank, while still allowing air to pass through the vent.

Vapor socks are an important addition to any pollution prevention plan. For tank owners who are required to abide by environmental regulations, vapor socks play a key role in reducing emissions. Financially, vapor socks are used as a money saving addition by working to limit product loss. When the petroleum evaporates, it becomes a loss to the owner; vapor socks are a simple way to contain the product and protect the financial investment.