ACME Cutting Technologies

ACME’s Eastman Eagle™, an automated, computer controlled cutting machine, is engineered to cut single- to low-ply material 24/7—without sacrificing speed or accuracy. Our conveyor cutting system delivers heavy-duty continuous cutting, and offers easy control of tool types, speeds, and accelerations. ACME customizes cutting speed, gantry acceleration and vacuum pressure according to the material being cut. ACME’s cutting capabilities include but are not limited to PVC coated and laminted fabrics, canvas, plastics, and fiberglass.

The Eagle automatically feeds and spreads material onto the conveyor surface, while its internal blower system holds material down for the cutting process. Its rack and pinion drive can cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses with unparalleled speed and accuracy, saving customers time and money. The Eastman Eagle can handle material widths up to 78 inches wide and has a table length of 20 ft. ACME’s extensive experience with the Eastman Eagle and cutting software allows for ACME to create custom cutting files to meet your every need. Whether you are interested in a one time job or a full scale production, ACME can handle all your cutting needs.

Aerospace – Carbon fiber, honeycomb, graphite, Kevlar®, high tech polymers, carpet

Apparel – wool, cottons, denim, foam, canvas, leather, nylon, polyester

Automotive – leather, nylon, fiberglass, canvas, vinyl, airbag materials, carpet, upholstery materials, carbon fiber

Composites – glass fibre, kevlar®, carbon fibre. Dry and pre-preg

Furniture/Fiber – fiberfill, foam, leather, cardboard, vinyl, plastic, cotton, wovens

Glass Laminates – DuPont™ Butacite® and Butacite® G Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) Interlayers / DuPont™ SentryGlas®Plus.

Industrial Fabrics – Cordura®, canvas, polyester, aerogels, foam, carpeting, vinyl