Oil Spill Responders: What Separates ACME Environmental from the Rest?

Oil spill responders going onto the scene with a spill kit to clean up an oil spill.

Oil Spill Responders: What Separates ACME Environmental from the Rest?

Oil spill prevention and preparedness are of utmost importance to safeguard the environment, wildlife, and coastal communities from the devastating impact of oil spills. Choosing the right oil spill responders for your needs involves careful consideration of various factors. As a leading oil spill response company, ACME Environmental stands out as a trusted partner in this critical field. With over 56 years of experience in containment and recovery equipment manufacturing and emergency oil spill response services, ACME stands apart as a response organization and equipment manufacturer. ACME has been a part of the Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) program since the year of its creation and our responders are well trained in best safety and recovery practices. ACME is unique in this industry; each of our spill technicians respond with the same equipment we manufacture and provide to other responders worldwide.

When a spill occurs, having an effective emergency response team is crucial to mitigate the damage and swiftly implement measures for containment and cleanup. An oil spill responder is the second defense when prevention does not go according to plan. This means their efforts must be effective.

From being approved by key government organizations to long-term experience, ACME is well equipped to handle these events. Keep reading for the factors that set ACME apart as a reliable oil spill response partner for your company. 

Pioneers of the Industry

ACME began back in 1967 as an environment product manufacturer. We quickly became one of the first companies in the world to manufacture oil spill containment boom and oil spill skimmers. 

With these products, our company supported major events across the globe, including the Amoco Cadiz Oil Spill (1978, Brittany, France), the Bay of Campeche Oil Spill (1979, Gulf of Mexico), and even the infamous Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (1989, Prince William Sound, Alaska). 

Our team was instrumental in the Exxon Valdez incident by sending oil spill cleanup products bi-weekly to Alaska in order to support the mitigation operations.

Prior to the government forming a formal program (now known as the Oil Spill Removal Organization program), ACME was at the front lines of some of history’s worst oil spills – trying to help clean up the damage, just as we do today. 

As pioneers in this industry, we come with organizational knowledge and steadfast relationships to help businesses thrive despite the risk or immediate consequences of oil spills, making us an invaluable partner. 

U.S. Coast Guard Approved

After the Exxon Valdez, the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, commonly known as OPA90, was passed, ultimately addressing issues related to the cleanup of oil spills. As part of this act, the Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) program was formed to help take a proactive approach. Oil producers were given two options, either have their own equipment and staff in place to respond and clean a worst case scenario spill or have an OSRO on contract as part of their response plan.

By certifying competent and well-equipped response organizations, the government aims to protect ecosystems and coastal communities from the effects of oil spills before a spill occurs as well as in the worst-case scenario when one does. 

As part of the OSRO program, the U.S. Coast Guard evaluates response contractors like ACME on their capabilities to meet or exceed emergency response requirements set forth by the program. This includes an observation of: 

  • Training + personnel
  • Equipment + resources
  • Response plan development
  • Regulation compliance
  • Experience + track record
  • Continuous improvement


Being US Coast Guard Approved through the OSRO program is paramount for an oil spill response team. It signifies their capacity to effectively handle and mitigate oil spills with utmost safety and environmental responsibility. 

For instance, companies like ours are evaluated based on the amount of containment boom, temporary storage capacity, skimmer capacity, and response time. Additionally, contractors are required to document monthly maintenance on all response equipment and complete at least two deployments per year.

This crucial certification process evaluates multiple aspects to ensure preparedness and competence of organizations and their oil spill responders. Overall, being US Coast Guard Approved through the OSRO program instills confidence in our capabilities, provides peace of mind for our clients and partners, and ensures a rapid, responsible, and effective response in the event of an oil spill.

Rapid Response Capabilities

A skilled response team is not the same as a rapid response team. Luckily for you, ACME has oil spill responders that specialize both. 

In addition to having decades of experience with oil spill cleanups, our equipment and technologies allow us to get on-site and make swift, effective decisions that help recover 80-90% of oil. 

In general, we focus on collecting and removing oil, using products that improve recovery rates, and controlling the spread: 

  • Skilled mechanical recovery through skimmers and booms is used to physically collect and remove oil from the water’s surface. 
  • Advanced skimming technologies can efficiently separate oil from water, improving recovery rates. 
  • Deploying barriers, booms, and floating curtains can help contain and control the spread of oil, preventing it from reaching sensitive areas and allowing for easier cleanup.

Moreover, we use ACME products when going for oil spill response for our partners, because we believe that our products are top-of-the-line. We prove that with every recovery mission we go on, regardless of the type of spill or body of water. 

To learn more about our specific products and cleanup methods, take a look at our case studies and past success

In addition to providing products that aid with rapid response, we are available 24/7 for emergency response, meaning that we are ready to deploy anytime we’re needed.

Whether in our immediate vicinity or two time zones away, our ACME response team is prepared with the proper manpower, equipment consumables, and support to ensure that a proper and professional spill response is accomplished.

We have solid stand-by relationships with experienced contractors in locations around the country, supporting oil and gas companies, cleanup specialists, refineries, and federal, state, and local government, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Cutting Edge Oil Spill Technologies & Techniques

Over the years, advancements in technology have led to the development of various cutting-edge techniques and tools for swift and effective oil spill response. ACME has proudly utilized the latest technologies and techniques in containing hydrocarbon spills of all types.

For instance, UAVs equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors can provide aerial imagery of oil spills, assisting in accurate spill mapping and monitoring. Drones can quickly assess the extent of the spill in hard-to-reach areas. ACME Environmental incorporates the use of UAVs for training purposes during our semi-annual Boom School, hosted with Rapid Response Systems. (Learn more about how to get involved with this training program here.)

A good partner can keep up with these developments, identify those that are beneficial to each spill incident, and make an informed decision to best aid in response planning and resource allocation.

The combination of these advanced technologies and techniques enhances the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of oil spill response efforts, enabling responders to act swiftly and minimize the damage caused by oil spills.

Oil spill responders using sorbents to clean up an oil spill.

Work with ACME Environmental for an On-Call Oil Spill Response Team

ACME Environmental stands out as a distinguished oil spill responder, combining advanced technologies, expert personnel, and a commitment to environmental preservation. Our rapid and effective response, supported by a decades-long track record of successful interventions, underscores our dedication to minimizing the aftermath of oil spill incidents. 

Recognizing the significance of efficient oil spill response not only for the environment but also for the continuity of businesses, ACME Environmental remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard both ecological balance and economic stability. 

With our 24/7 on-call readiness and comprehensive customer support, we are poised to tackle oil spill challenges at any hour. If you’re looking to ensure proactive oil spill prevention and preparedness, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore how we can work together.

Together, we can contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for all.