Floating Baffles Brochure


ACME Environmental Baffles create side-to-side or flow patterns that increase retention time and eliminate short circuiting or channeling. Top-to-bottom flow patterns can also be created for a turnover effect.

Baffles can be easily relocated within a lagoon as needs or conditions change. Flow-thru windows can be added, relocated or modified for any flow variation, helping control flow and circulation, eliminate dead zones, and improve efficiency.

ACME floating baffles are manufactured from a variety of flexible thermoplastic coated (not laminated) reinforced fabrics. The fabrics are dielectrically sealed to form enclosures for the flotation logs, chain ballast, and optional cable tension members. These items are connected with the flotation logs at the surface and the chain at the lagoon bottom. Tension cable(s) are sometimes included in our floating baffles to provide added strength and eliminate arching.

ACME custom-manufactured floating baffles offer an easy, flexible, economical way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of lagoon. Floating baffles help facilitate surface control of floating materials in cooling ponds, settling basins or oxidation ponds.

Because ACME floating baffles are fully customized to meet specific needs and applications, we do not keep them in inventory. To calculate the cost of your specific needs, simply send us the specifications for the design you have in mind. We’ll get back to you promptly with a quote.


Federal and state regulations require that turbidity and sediment be controlled, and the Clean Water Act and NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) require that federal and state agencies enforce these laws. the most efficient method of compliance is through the use of floating turbidity screens or curtains.

ACME custom-manufactures two different types of turbidity and silt curtains: solid fabric skirt and filter screen skirt. making these to customers’ specifications creates a reliable method of controlling silt and sediment in the water. ACME curtains are used at pipeline crossing construction sites, marine construction and demolition sites, discharge locations, home construction sites, in dredging operations, and remediation projects.


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