Spill Kits Brochure



Whether your spill is large or small, ACME sorbents and spill kits do the job right, the first time. ACME sorbents are produced in different sizes, thicknesses, and composition. Ideal for any spill, we provide socks, pillows, cotton pads, rolls, and industrial rugs to help with quick and complete cleanup. Sorbents from ACME will help lessen a spill’s impact on your productivity and profitability.  Oil-Only sorbents pick up  25  times  the  fibers’  weight  in petroleum-based liquids, but never absorb water.

AGGRESSIVE/HAZMAT SORBENTS are very  effective  to  clean  up chemical spills from  water-based fluids to  aggressive acids, and absorbs 25 times its  weight in  all liquids.  

UNIVERSAL SORBENT SOCKS pick up  oil,  water,  coolants  and solvents, and are made of recycled BTU-rich  fibers  for  multiple disposal options.  Industrial rugs provide  an  excellent  non-slip surface for work areas, and can absorb 10-12 times their weight in water, oil or chemicals.

BIODEGRADABLE SORBENTS are made  from  all-natural,  nontoxic and recycled fibers, and perfect for spills where biodegradable sorbents are required.

PARTICULATE  SORBENT,  MIRACLESORB,  is  organic  and made  from 100%  Louisiana  sugarcane  bagasse-a byproduct  of  the sugarcane  milling process.  MiracleSorb can be  used  on  water, soil  or  solid  surfaces,  absorbs up  to  10  times  its  weight,  and is  available  in  original, nitrogen-enriched,  and  enhanced  with nitrogen and oileating microbes.

ACME also  offers  viscous  snares/pom-poms,  drum liners,  poly sheeting,  and  poly  bags.


ACME  spill  kits  come  in  zippered  bags  or  resealable containers/ drums,  and  hold  all  necessary  items  to enable  a quick  response to  any  type  of  spill.  Standard spill  kit  items include:



          Poly Disposal bags

          Clay Socks

          Sorbent Pads

          Particulate Sorbent (except for 5-Gallon kit)

ACME  Oil-Only  and  Universal/HazMat  spill  kits  can  also be custom-designed  to  meet your specific needs.


Visit the  products section of  our website www.acmeboom.com for  detailed information  on  sizes, shapes and composition.

We offer competitive pricing,  and  with  many  products in-stock and  ready-to-ship,  we  offer  same-day/next-day delivery  within 50  miles of  our corporate  headquarters in  Tulsa. This saves  our customers  time,  money  and lost  productivity.  If  you  don’t  see what  you’re  looking  for  here,  contact  us,  Chances  are,  we  can get  you what you  need,  and  quickly.