Port of Catoosa Spill Response

ACME responded to an emergency call out at Port 33 in Catoosa, Oklahoma on January 14, 2015. A local asphalt terminal released a small amount of product on their loading dock while transferring asphalt from a barge to their storage tanks. Most of the spilled asphalt remained on the dock however about 20 gallons leaked into the water below the loading dock. ACME responders placed booms around the dock structure to contain the product from spreading; were also able to recover 100% of the asphalt from under the loading dock. The asphalt on the loading dock was recovered with absorbent pads and particulate. Coast Guard representatives from the Fort Smith, Arkansas office arrived on the scene and inspected the cleanup operation. Upon their approval, operations continued until the cleanup was completed and booms were pulled on January 28, 2015.