Rapid-H2O: A New Solution for Temporary Storage

Rapid-H2O: A New Solution for Temporary Storage

Introducing the Rapid-H2O Reservoir for Temporary Storage and Flood Control

ACME Environmental is excited to introduce a new solution for portable temporary storage and flood control! Created by Innovative Global Products, the Rapid-H20 is a unique and innovative solution for portable temporary storage. This compact system can fit perfectly in any trailer or truck bed and be deployed by two people in just minutes!

What is It?

The Rapid-H20 is an advanced portable and temporary storage system and flood barrier designed to be deployed with ease and be quickly moved from location to location. It doesn’t require any specialty equipment to set up and requires very little manpower to put into action. Because of the ease of use and transportability, this system reduces the risk of injury to workers than other, heavier portable storage solutions. It’s designed to not only provide temporary storage for spills, but is also a world-class flood barrier system that can be reused to protect crucial energy facilities and keep vital transportation areas open during emergencies.

Deployed portable temporary storage system with secondary containment berms

Fully Deployed Rapid-H2O System with Several Types of Secondary Containment Berms


The Rapid-H20 oil storage and flood control barrier is more than meets the eye. Comprised of a military grade steel frame and PVC coated fabric reservoir cells, the system can be used to contain hydrocarbons, contaminated water, a range of chemicals, and can even be customized with 22oz-30oz PVC for more long lasting and durable cells depending on your needs.

Not only is the Rapid-H20 reservoir compact and easily deployed, but a 5-cell section has more storage capacity than five 250 gallon IBC totes! Each 5-cell section has the capacity to hold 1,325 gallons and stores on a 3.25’x3.25’ pallet at only 6” high! This cuts the amount of storage needed for this same amount of capacity with IBC totes from 168 cubic feet to less than 6!1 You could even fit an entire mile length of these systems in a single 53ft trailer. That’s a total of 325 systems and a storage capacity of 430,625 gallons!

Compact design of temporary storage and flood control system Rapid-H2O

Stack of 5 Systems with Tarps and Installation Twist Ties

Temporary storage and flood control system Rapid-H2O so compact it fits in a truck bed

Multiple Rapid-H2O Systems with Containment Cells in Truck Bed



Portable Temporary Storage

This system has an array of applications from secondary containment to flood protection! Fit one of these systems in your spill trailer or throw it in the back of your truck bed and it’s ready to go at any given spill site.

Can’t fit a vac truck down where your spill is? Deploy the Rapid-H20 system as a portable storage option!

Have an oil spill on snow? Shovel the contaminated snow into the Rapid-H20 system and then allow the product to separate when it melts!

Need to set up a decontamination area for equipment? Use each cell as its own decon pool and keep these areas self-contained!

There are unlimited scenarios in which the Rapid-H20 system could be useful and the applications for this system are practically endless.

Temporary storage used at night with low visibility

Deployed in conditions with low visibility and access.

Temporary storage Rapid-H2O used at ice water and snow emergency response training

Deploying the Rapid-H2O system at the Wakota Caer Ice Response Training.

Decontamination station with Rapid-H2O decon station temporary storage

Using the Rapid-H2O system for decon training at ACME’s Fall 2022 Boom School.

Flood Control

In addition to the above listed items, this system is the only water based flood barrier on the market that has military grade steel reinforcement and has passed Florida hurricane testing.2 This makes it an ideal option for hurricane flood control when compared to other options on the market.

Learn more about the Rapid-H20’s flood barrier capabilities here.


Dimensions and Capacities for Rapid-H20 system

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