ACME Supplies Local Facility with Secondary Containment Berms

ACME worked closely with a large Tulsa based manufacturing company to support their EH&S drum storage audit. The company manufactures products that monitor and control compressors, pumps and generators. Drums of liquids are stored in various locations within the facility. ACME completed a site inspection and chemical compatibility study using the EPA’S basic chemical compatibility chart. ACME custom designed and manufactured one 5’x19’x8” and one 7’x12.5’x4” secondary containment berm for two locations within the facility. The 5’x19’ secondary containment berm was made from 24 ounce fabric with 8” tall by 8” thick foam walls. The wall thickness was doubled and 24 ounce material was used to increase the durability of the berm. The 7’x12.5’ secondary containment berm was made from ACME’s standard 22 ounce Jaton fabric with 4” tall by 4” thick foam walls. Each berm was manufactured with handles on each side for easy handling during installation and maintenance.

ACME’s custom secondary containment berms offer more design flexibility than standard sized plastic containment. Contact ACME today to get your quote on new, custom secondary containment!