Vapor Sock FAQs

Vapor Sock FAQs

What is a vapor sock?

A vapor sock is a fabric sleeve used to cover vent tubes on petroleum tanks. It is used to prevent or eliminate the release of contaminants into the environment.


How do vapor socks work?

Vapor socks are essentially fabric filters which allow the flow of air into the ventilation tube, while containing the petroleum vapor.


When is a vapor sock needed?

A vapor sock can be used whenever there is a concern of volatile compounds being released into the atmosphere. The vapor sock helps to contain these compounds and reduce pollution.


Are all vapor socks the same?

Vapor socks size vary depending on the ventilation tube being covered. Each vapor sock should be properly sized to the tube, and are therefore available in a variety of widths and lengths.


What material are vapor socks made from?

Vapor socks are made of a durable, flexible fabric which is coated in a urethane layer. This helps to make the vapor sock resistant to damage by UV, wind, rain or corrosive chemicals.


How long are the vapor socks used for?

Length of use of the vapor sock varies depending on the situation. Vapor socks are designed to be used either on a temporary or permanent basis.


What benefits do vapor socks offer?

Vapor socks work to contain contaminants into the atmosphere, limiting pollution of volatile compounds. Use of a vapor sock can help tank owners meet environmental regulations. Vapor socks also help petroleum tank owners reduce product loss.