Spill Kits

A useful tool for any environment in danger of oil spills, spill kits provide a convenient aide for oil spill cleanup. While they are often tailored to the individual environment in which they are being employed, spill kits generally contain three categories of equipment: personal safety equipment, a variety of absorbent pads and materials, and waste disposal bags. Disposable nitrile or rubber gloves are generally a staple in all spill kits; coveralls and protective eyewear are also commonly found in larger oil spill kits. ACME supplies a wide variety of spill kits, with the absorbent materials varying depending on the size of the spill kit. Small spill kits contain basic sorbent pads and clay socks, while larger spill kits also contain sorbent booms, socks and pillows, as well as particulate sorbent. It is important to know your spill potential, and have the correct size spill kit on hand in case of an emergency. Waste disposal bags included in the spill kit are also proportionate to the amount of material that will be disposed of. When a spill kit contains particulate sorbents, a small dustpan and brush may be included as well.

Spill kits benefit the user in several ways. The prepacked spill kit greatly reduces the stress of trying to collect the necessary equipment in an emergency, as all pieces are already assembled. Spill kits stored near spill potential areas allow for immediate response and therefore reduce the contamination zone size. Additionally, properly packed spill kits allow the user to access the equipment in the most efficient way. At the bottom of the spill kit should be the waste disposal bags, as they are the last item needed in the spill kit. The middle of the spill kit should contain absorbent materials, pads and other sorbents. Finally, the top of the spill kit should have safety equipment, so that the user may find this first when opening the spill kit. With the appropriate tools at hand, spill kits prevent using makeshift cleanup tools in an emergency situation, which may lead to further issues. A highly convenient option, no oil spill hazard area should be without a spill kit.