Secondary Containment: What is it and how is it used?

What is Secondary Containment?

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial activities, environmental safety is paramount. Companies engaged in activities like oil exploration and transportation understand the critical need for proactive measures to prevent and mitigate potential environmental disasters. At ACME Environmental, we take pride in being at the forefront of oil spill response and environmental safety. Today, we delve into the purpose and significance of secondary containment and spill berms in safeguarding our environment.

Oil spills can have devastating consequences on ecosystems and communities. Accidents during transportation or exploration activities can lead to the release of hazardous substances, causing irreparable harm to wildlife and ecosystems. Recognizing these risks, the industry has embraced various preventive measures, and among them, secondary containment and spill berms play a pivotal role.

vacuum truck on secondary containment berm aluminum angle berm

Vacuum truck on secondary containment berm.

The Purpose of Secondary Containment

Secondary containment refers to the implementation of additional protective measures to contain and control potential spills. It acts as a secondary line of defense, preventing the spread of hazardous substances in the event of a primary containment failure. ACME Environmental designs and installs state-of-the-art secondary containment systems tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Preventing Environmental Contamination

Secondary containment systems are strategically placed to contain leaks and spills before they reach water bodies or other potentially affected areas. This prevents the contamination of rivers, lakes, and oceans, preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems, as well as affecting soil nutrients and plant life.

Regulation Compliance

Stringent environmental regulations mandate the implementation of secondary containment measures in industries dealing with hazardous materials. ACME Environmental ensures that our customers not only meet but exceed these regulatory requirements, fostering a culture of responsible and sustainable business practices. ACME manufacturers secondary containment berms in an array of sizes and configurations to meet any of our customers’ needs and can fully customize these based on the potential release factors.

IBC totes in secondary containment berms

IBC totes in secondary containment berms

The Role of Spill Berms

Spill berms, also known as secondary containment berms, are raised barriers designed to contain and control spills within a defined area. These berms are a crucial component of our comprehensive oil spill response strategies. They can be designed and manufactured in almost any size configuration and be comprised of different fabric thicknesses to account for whatever type of chemical release could occur.

Immediate Containment, Facilitating Clean Up, and Versatility of Design

In the event of a spill, spill berms provide immediate containment, preventing the spread of hazardous substances and allowing for swift and effective response measures. Spill berms create a contained area for the spilled material, making cleanup operations more manageable and efficient. This ensures a quicker response time and minimizes the impact on the environment. ACME Environmental specializes in customizable spill berm solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. Whether it’s a temporary deployment during maintenance or a permanent installation at a production site, our spill berms are designed for adaptability and effectiveness.

In the pursuit of responsible and sustainable industrial practices, ACME Environmental stands as a beacon for companies seeking cutting-edge solutions in oil spill response and environmental safety. Through the implementation of secondary containment and spill berms, we aim to minimize the ecological footprint of industrial activities, preserving the beauty and vitality of our environment for generations to come. Together, we can embrace a future where environmental safety is not just a responsibility but a shared commitment to the well-being of our planet.

55 gallon drum spill secondary containment berm control spill response

Responding to a 55-gallon drum spill in a training exercise.


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