Crude Oil Spill Response

On January 20, 2015, ACME Environmental responded to a crude oil spill from a leaking gathering line located in Northwestern Oklahoma. The line leaked for several days before it was discovered and was estimated to be approximately 20 barrels that leaked into a small creek. After a site inspection, a cofferdam was constructed downstream to contain the crude oil from spreading. ACME also placed containment booms at several locations along the creek and began recovery operations by utilizing drum skimmers connected to vacuum trucks. The creek required extensive power washing with high pressure pumps to corral the crude oil into the recovery locations. Power washing was also required to clean the crude oil from the creek bank and vegetation. After the crude oil was removed the creek, the soil around the source of the leaking gathering line was remediated onsite. Absorbent booms were installed at several locations in the creek and required several weeks of maintenance.