Drumright, OK 700-Barrel Oil Spill

In January 2020, ACME Environmental led efforts in a 700-barrel oil spill cleanup in a creek near Drumright, OK. Utilizing oil containment boom, boats, Vac-trucks, drum skimmers, sorbent boom and floating washdown pumps, ACME Spill Technicians were able to recover the oil and meet the customer’s expectations. ACME was then able to restore the creek and surrounding environment to as close to its original state with minimal impact.

Hydrocarbon spills happen in the energy industry and the environmental impact can be harmful ACME goes above and beyond to make sure the environment is restored to all regulatory and customer requirements. Once the oil is contained with our containment boom and sorbent boom, it is then retrieved by drum skimmers and collected so that the oil can possibly be used by the company. All of our technicians not only respond to oil spills, but they also manufacture our containment products and have an excellent understanding of how to properly deploy, maintain, and correctly use our spill response products. We also perform regularly scheduled deployment training to ensure that everyone is competent in their skills.

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