ACME Boom Repair Kit FAQs

ACME Boom Repair Kit FAQs

Do tears only occur on the log pockets?

No, tears/abrasions can also be found in the boom skirt, chain pocket or top cable fabric.


Should I clean the boom before I start repairing the fabric?

Yes, be sure to clean the affected area with soap and water before you begin the repair process.


How big is the patch, is it the same size as the affected area?

The patch should be 3”-4” bigger than the affected area.


Once I have the correct size patch, do I begin heating?

Once your patch is created, place it on the area and roll it back towards the roller.


Do I apply the heat next?

Start applying heat to the area of where the patch is rolled onto the affected area.


How long do I heat the area?

Heat the area until the fabric becomes “tacky” and slightly melted.


Am I finished once I heat the area?

After the patch has been heat sealed, the patch must be further heated and rolled onto the boom for contour and adhesive. And further heat rolling ensures the patch is firmly secured to the boom fabric, making for an air tight and water sea.