ACME Hose Floats FAQs

ACME Hose Floats FAQs

What sizes do your hose floats come in?

Our ACME floats come in hose diameters from 1 ½” to 6”. Other sizes and capacities can be done though upon request and upon availability of products used to make them.


How are your hose floats made?

ACME floats are made by a urethane “sandwich” process with a hard, damage-resistant outer shell and a light, high flotation closed cell foam inner section.


What are the hose floats made of?

ACME hose floats are made of a urethane material that offers high resistance to chemicals. Each cell is completely closed, sealed and individually buoyant, and the material will not absorb water, other fluids or suspended solids.


Are the hose floats manufactured in one or two halves?

ACME hose floats are manufactured in two halves, with the division parallel to the hose longitude, making them easy to attach.


How are you able to decide on how many floats you need?

The weight of hose and fluid per hundred feet determine the number of floats required.