Floating Baffles FAQs

Floating Baffles FAQs

How does ACME manufacture floating baffles?

ACME’s floating baffles are manufactured from a variety of flexible thermoplastic coated reinforced fabrics. The fabrics are fabrics are dielectrically sealed to form enclosures for the flotation logs, chain ballast and optional cable tension members. These items are connected with the floatation logs at the surface and the chain at the bottom of the lagoon. Tension cable(s) are sometimes included in our floating baffles to provide added strength and eliminate arcing.


What fabrics are used for ACME’s floating baffles?

ACME uses a variety of fabrics depending on the application of the floating baffle. Typically baffles are installed for a long-term application and therefore the baffle is manufactured with extremely durable 30 ounce geotextile fabric. Geotextile fabrics offer exceptional durability and quality RF (radiofrequency) welding characteristics.


What hardware is used for ACME’s floating baffles?

ACME’s floating baffles are made with all stainless steel hardware and accessories. Stainless steel increases the corrosion resistance of the hardware and therefore increases the life of the baffle. Galvanized hardware can also be used for floating baffles that will be used for a shorter period of time.


Do floating baffles require maintenance?

Yes, floating baffles will require maintenance. The amount of maintenance will vary depending on the size and application of the floating baffle. ACME manufactures the floating baffles with furling lines to allow for easy de-silting of the chain ballast and relocation of the baffle. A maintenance plan to visually check the integrity of the exposed fabric and to remove any floating debris should be implemented after a floating baffle has been installed. A well developed maintenance plan will help keep your floating baffle in quality condition for the life of the product.


Does ACME keep an inventory of floating baffles?

Because ACME floating baffles are fully customized to meet specific needs and applications, ACME does not keep floating baffles in inventory. However, ACME will work hard to make sure all of your deadlines are met and the floating baffle is manufactured to your exact specifications.


How are floating baffles anchored?

ACME will place anchor points according to customer preference. It is standard practice to place anchor points through the chain at the bottom of the floating baffle. Anchor points can be placed at any distance along the length of the floating baffle. Anchor points are typically between 25 and 50 feet apart.


Does ACME offer floating baffle installation and maintenance?

ACME offers a wide range of services related to floating baffles including:

  • Site inspections and consultation
  • Application recommendations
  • Installation supervision
  • Turnkey installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair training
  • Design services