Toggle Pins FAQs

Toggle Pins FAQs

What are toggle pins?

Toggle pins are stainless steel pins used to connect segments of containment boom. Toggle pins allow for boom assembly without the use of any tools.


What sizes do toggle pins come in?

Toggle pins come in several standard sizes: 2”, 2-3/8”. 2-7/8”, and 3-3/8”. ACME carries these standard sizes and offers custom size toggle pins upon request.


What makes up a toggle pin?

The body of a toggle pin is a stainless steel pin. A well spring surrounds the shaft of the toggle pin, with a split ring at the end of the toggle pin to help hold on the spring. Attached to the split spring is a small lanyard.


How do toggle pins work?

Toggle pins are inserted through two containment boom couplers. The spring on the toggle pin helps to hold the pin in place.


When are toggle pins used?

Toggle pins are used to connect containment boom during an oil spill. They can be used with a variety of coupler styles, including quick latch and universal slide couplers, both carried by ACME.