Bulkhead Connector FAQs

Bulkhead Connector FAQs

What is a bulkhead connector?

A Bulkhead connector is a boom accessory that connects to the coupler of a containment boom and allows for it to move vertically in a body of water.


What benefits do bulkhead connectors offer?

Bulkhead connectors are very effective in permanent or long term installations. The bulkhead connector, also known as a tide riser, decrease the amount of maintenance required for a long term installation. Bulkhead connectors also help the effectiveness of a boom in the event of a sudden change in water elevation.


Where are bulkhead connectors used?

Bulkhead connectors can be seen in many environments. Bulkhead connectors are beneficial for use in long term or permanent type installations that experience fluctuations in water level. Permanent installation locations for bulkhead connectors include fuel docks, storm water outlets and settling ponds.


Are bulkhead connectors easy to set up?

ACME’s bulkhead connectors arrive from the plant fully assembled. If the top of the beam is open, the connector can simply be slipped down over the top. If the top is not open, remove the four bolts that hold the roller arms together and reassemble on the beam.


Which size booms can the bulkhead connecters be used with?

ACME’s bulkhead connectors can be manufactured to fit any size boom.