Preparations & Preparedness for Potential Oil Spill

How to Prepare for Potential Oil Spills

Every year in the United States, thousands of oil spills occur on both land and in waterways. While this number is decreasing over time, worldwide effects from offshore spills all over the globe are leading to health issues for animals and people everywhere. More often than not, our news feeds are full of environmental disasters, tropical storms & earthquakes, and so many other natural occurrences that can all lead to oil spills. Understanding the causes and prevention of these spills can improve not only our response and cleanup efforts, but our attempts to create a more sustainable and clean solution to eventually prevent spills! ACME Environmental believes planning is key to being ready at any moment’s notice, if and when a spill occurs. Here’s a few tips to help get you started on your prevention measures!

Always Plan Ahead

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but so many organizations and companies don’t know how to do this effectively. It’s great to have a plan, but if the plan doesn’t fit with your potential issues, is it really helping?

Are you in the oil and gas industry? Is your location near a company in the oil and gas industry? Are you downstream from a refinery or shipping port? What is the refrigeration company next door using for coolant, and what happens if it is released? In every industry, there is a potential for accidents and spills to affect you whether you’re directly involved or not. So, make sure you have a plan in place, not just for your company, but for what could happen if something goes wrong at your neighbors’, too. The good news is that we’ve been helping Oklahoma companies build and implement SPCC plans for decades. SPCC stand for Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure. We’ve done so using our knowledge from being a registered Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO).

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Don’t Know? Find Someone Who Does!

One of the most difficult parts about planning for oil spills is knowing who to talk with to get started. A key component in learning to keep your company safer is finding a knowledgeable company with experience in different sectors of the industry! ACME has been a leader in spill response and containment industry for almost 55 years. ACME has also held the title of US Coast Guard OSRO #10 since its creation in 1990. With this level of expertise and experience, ACME is always prepared to respond to your crises whenever they may occur. We have the tools, equipment, and the tenured workforce capable of ensuring that you are completely covered. Talk to us and learn how to keep you, your employees, and your environment safe.

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Have the Right Equipment for the Job!

The last tip on our list is about having and maintaining proper equipment. Make sure you or your selected OSRO the items for whatever may happen in your response plan at all times. There are so many options for situations, from containment boom to secondary containment products like berms and spill kits, that it’s easy to get stuck on the details and technicalities of everything!

The lack of knowledge regarding these items and equipment is one of the largest barriers to being fully prepared in our industry. If you don’t know what to buy, you can’t be prepared! That’s why we’re here to help. Since being founded in 1967, ACME’s been a leader in manufacturing and distributing oil spill boom and other containment products all over the globe. We have knowledge in all parts of the industry, and if we don’t have what you need, the odds are we know somebody who does! We work with other industry leaders across the country to provide the best equipment possible to protect our environment.

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Our goal is to contribute as much as we can to offer a safer, cleaner world for our future generations. As we look forward to the future to solve public heath and environmental impact from debris and trash, we need to continue to remember to still work on the problems we’ve been facing. We have the ability and the responsibility to still work towards these issues. You can contribute to that effort, too, one foot of containment boom at a time.


Logan Armstrong

Director of Sales & Marketing 

Information Regarding SPCC and Oil Spill Response Organizations

For more information from the EPA on SPCC Planning visit here.

For more information from the Coast Guard on current OSROs and requirements, visit here.