Oil Spill Containment Accessories

Anchor Systems

Anchor Systems


ACME anchor systems offer the best way to secure ACME boom and baffles in open water. The standard ACME anchoring system includes:

  • One Modified Danforth-style Anchors with 3/8″ chains & shackles (Anchors available in 20 lbs. or 40 lbs.)
  • One 12″ Hard-skinned Mooring Buoy
  • One 9″ Red Inflatable Marker Buoys
  • One spool of 1/2″ polypropylene rope (500 ft.)
  • One spool of 1/4″ polypropylene rope (1000 ft.)

Snatch blocks, tie bridles and other anchoring accessories are also available. Components are available individually.