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Super Mini Boom – Custom

Super Mini Boom – Custom



  • 2-1/2″ Diameter Flotation
  • 4″ Skirt Depth
  • 1/4″ Galvanized Chain Ballast
  • 22 oz. / sq. yd. orange Jaton fabric
  • Poly Couplers with Thumb Screw
  • Grommeted, reinforced ends are standard

Boom Fabric Information and Choices

Recommended Section Lengths: 25′, 50′ and 100′

Recommended Use: Super Mini boom are recommended as sweeping devices to aid in the removal of oil on water when a prevailing wind or current does not exist or does not prevent efficient removal.

The Super Mini Boom is deployed around the oil and then moved to reduce the coverage area, increasing the oil thickness for more efficient recovery by a vacuum hose or floating skimmer.

Super Mini boom are effective containment devices on small streams, creeks, stock ponds and low water areas.